beer csa

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, we took the basic model of a farm CSA and applied it to the way we offer and distribute exciting new craft beer styles to our members.

Typically, members pay up front for a portion (share) of the harvested produce, eggs, meat, etc. Risk and reward is shared equally among members and growers. Benefits include high-quality fresh food and a direct relationship with the producer and product.

We incorporated the CSA concept to our beer production and distribution in order to provide true craft beer enthusiasts an opportunity to experience unique, limited-release beers in a wide range of styles. The breadth of styles can range from Imperial Stouts, to a variety of Pale Ales, or Saison styles that feature seasonal produce. The CSA is a great way to be involved with the craft beer  community and have a close, working relationship with the brewery and other craft beer aficionados.

Shares are sold in 6-month increments: January - June and July - December.  A full share includes 12 bombers each month; a half share includes 6 bombers each month.  The program is very reasonably priced at less than $7 per bomber for premium craft beers that often would be sold at a retail cost of as much as $20 per bomber.  CLICK HERE FOR PRICING INFORMATION.

Members receive updates about the beer and notifications as to when to pick up their share at the brewery on the farm, or down at Craft Beer Cellar in Old Town, Fort Collins. 


Check out this article from Thirst Magazine about our September CSA beer:


If you are interested in joining our CSA, or simply have questions about the program, contact