We produce hand-crafted beers using fresh ingredients from our farm, as well as a growing variety of locally sourced ingredients.  We offer our flagship beers below, as well as limited release beers seasonally, and new special-release beers for our CSA Beer Club every month. We have 12 of our delicious beers on tap at the Wellington location, stop in and try a pint or two. 


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Light, crisp and refreshing.  A Trappist yeast strain contributes subtle spiciness with citrus undertones.  Williamette and American Northern Brewer hops create a beer that goes well with any meal in any season. 

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Toasty, with hints of chocolate and a firm bitterness. Malt and hops share equal billing for a decidedly American twist to the traditional English Brown Ale.


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Hops are the ‘extra’ in our Extra Pale Ale. It combines the drinkability of an American Pale Ale with the hopping level and light body of an IPA.  A solid malt backbone with a citrusy hop finish.