About Our Gluten Reduced Beers:


- We use the same brewing process as we would for any other  

   beer, However, during fermentation our beers become gluten reduced.


- When the yeast is added to begin fermentation, we also add

 an enzyme called Clarity Ferm.[1] Basically, this enzyme chops

 the gluten proteins present in the beer without affecting the

 aroma or taste of the beer.


- Based on laboratory testing[2], most of our beers are under 10

 ppm. Some are a bit higher, but still under the 20 ppm

 required by the FDA to be “gluten reduced.”


The Details:


- The gluten protein present in beer is very proline-rich. Because the  

   Clarity Ferm enzyme is a proline-specific protease, it attacks these



- We cannot call our beers gluten free. We use barley, oats, wheat, and

   sometimes rye in our recipes. The FDA forbids the use of these (and  

  many other ingredients) in anything labeled as gluten free.

[1] Clarity Ferm is a White Labs product.

[2] R5 Competitive ELISA test and ELISA RIDASCREEN® Gliadin competitive